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  • Droopler 8.1.0-alpha2 wydany. Szczegóły wydania można zobaczyć na stronie https://github.com/droptica/droopler/releases/tag/8.1.0-alpha2

    Cleanup of profile and custom module config. Fixed langcodes in yml files.
    Enabled Simple XML sitemap module with some custom configuration.
    Enabled Linkit module with some custom configuration.
    Made google_tag module optional, not required.
    Cleanup of input formats (no Basic HTML and Restricted HTML anymore).
    CKEditor with more buttons and extended internal linking.
    Improved image scaling in "Side image" paragraph.
    "Side image" paragraph now have the default value of image side.
    Admin tabs are now visible above nodes and user pages.
    Removed package-lock.json from theme.
    All H1, H2, H3... headers have elastic styling now, there are new variables to change their colors and fonts:
    $font-header: 'Lato', sans-serif;
    $font-header-weight: bold;